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The lifecycle of an open space, for which more resources are required than for its creation, begins with its construction. We use this knowledge in the planning and management of open spaces so as to ensure high quality and conserve resources.
In contrast to buildings, green spaces first start to grow and mature into their desired optimum state after their completion. Well thought through and resource-conserving maintenance management supports the lifecycle of open spaces in a sustainable way. The formulation of a qualified maintenance plan, the corresponding call for tenders for performing maintenance, and the subsequent controlling of them ensure the high quality of the location. Knowledge from all the planning phases helps us to advise our clients in connection with all economic questions and to take action where the effect is the greatest, namely in the early planning phases.

Stratus, Bern

The City of Bern has had its properties recorded in the STRATUS life cycle system in order to plan future developments. In addition to this, we have also included the open spaces and added them to Basler & Hofmann's STRATUS system.
Every four years, the city of Opfikon has to invite tenders for the gardening work at its cemetery in a public procedure. We were able to develop the planning work and the specifications with enclosures for this and successfully carry out the tender.
The city of Winterthur has stored all maintenance plans for its open spaces in the GIS. They have commissioned us to scrutinise them with regard to possible developments by means of maintenance adjustments, to show the potential and to visualise it for ongoing maintenance.
The university gardens are maintained by external horticultural companies. This service contract is put out to public tender every four years. We oversee this tender and the annual quality assurance for around 35 gardens in Zurich.
Life cycle costs are still a small topic in planning. They may not be so important in building construction, but they are more important than the construction costs, especially in green space maintenance. Green-Cycle was developed to make simple calculations in the planning phase.

Opfikerpark, Opfikon

For the Berlin landscape architect Gabriele G. Kiefer, we took over the overall management and execution for the construction of the Opfikerpark in the Glattpark district and handed it over to the city of Opfikon in December 2006 after 18 months each of planning and construction.

Other Projects