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A new understanding of a location can develop based on knowledge of its history. Looking back at the past forms the basis for the future design of an open space.
Sustainable locations for the future are first created when there is interplay between ecology and design. The open space of today must be conceived for a better world of tomorrow, in which people and nature live together in a compatible way.
People and how they use public spaces are central to the design of future urban and landscape spaces. Consistently taking all users into account becomes a central criterion in planning work.
Water is the basis of all life. Dealing responsibly with water as a resource is a duty and the prerequisite for sustainably designed spaces.
Thinking economically denotes developing open spaces that are able to age in an intelligent and sustainable way in cooperation with various partners and utilizing resources economically.
Climate change as a central global challenge calls for responsible strategies so as to substantially improve the energy footprint of our actions.