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Considering city and landscape holistically and on a large scale is the foundation for sustainably developing all living environments.
Designing a park is the supreme discipline of landscape architecture. The more concentrated the city becomes the more parks gain in importance. Parks that can be utilized in diverse ways can significantly improve quality of life in the city.
As urban infrastructure, public squares and streets generate the public space of our cities. They are the stage for our pluralistic society and guarantee multifaceted and vibrant urban spaces.
Open space and architecture are mutually dependent. Especially in the case of public buildings, open space makes a valuable contribution to the development of sustainable living environments.
The desire for unspoiled nature can be addressed in a garden in a very small space. Particularly at a time when the destruction of the environment is progressing, gardens are becoming more and more important as a projection surface for longings.
The quality of time spent of people’s worlds of work has become a decisive factor in the canon of requirements. The design of high-quality living environments has positive effects on wellbeing and creativity.