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Renaturation rivière Alte Elster, Jeux Olympiques 2012, Leipzig

Between the areas of the city of Leipzig and Lindenau/Plagwitz, an extended park landscape forms
an attractive local recreation area. The Pleiße and Elster rivers run through the landscape. The rivers are publicly accessible and navigable
by rowboats and paddleboats. The opening of the Alte Elster closes
a gap in the waterway network. The planned city harbor forms a landing for excursions into the city center. The course of the Alte Elster lies
at the interface between city and park. The design for the banks of the river addresses this situation through creating a hard, constructed bank on the city side and a soft, modeled bank on the park side. The restored avenue of linden trees on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße along with a wall on the bank give the “high promenade”
a unique view of the new Eichenhain and the Leipzig sports arena. The opposite bank is modeled in a terrace manner with lawns extending far into the park. The city harbor offers boaters a starting point for a ramble through the city or an excursion on the water. The harbor
administration and a restaurant are located in the old villa on Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße. The harbor promenade forms the beginning and end of the promenade path. An overgrown pergola with benches provides a view of the harbor.

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