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Culture, Education, Social Life

Open space can be interpreted as a continuation of architecture. An intensive connection between inside and outside is the basis for sustainable living environments.
A fruitful dialogue between inside and outside, buildings and open spaces is an important quality characteristic for urban spaces. Particularly in the case of public buildings, open space should be comprehended as a continuation of the functions of the buildings. Positive synergy effects are unleashed when different needs are precisely coordinated with one another and there is an intensive interconnection between architecture and open space. Architecture and open space permeate one another and create appealing and sustainable living environments.
As part of the restructuring of the Berlin Zoo, geographical thematic focuses are being implemented. Together with zoologists, we are developing the new "Himalayan Mountainscape" with its characteristic animals, landscapes and habitats.
A circumferential green space integrates the new cantonal hospital of Baden in the existing landscape structures. A new hospital garden is being created in the west to supplement the existing Südpark.
The newly designed open spaces consisting of a square for breaks, an entrance square, a parking lot, a sports area, and a kindergarten utilize the site in an optimal way thanks to a clever arrangement and make reference to the utilization areas in the new school building.
The renovation of the Cleric cantonal school resulted in the creation of additional school spaces. A loose grove of oak trees frames the open space consisting of clear zones for arriving and spending time. A seating landscape opens up a view of the school garden with its thematic gardens.

Municipal Library, Heidenheim

The new library in Heidenheim forms a unique, sculptural urban building block surrounded by a bright public square space and streetscape. Planted areas structure the elongated area of the public square by taking up the projections in the building silhouette.
The Experimenta in Heilbronn has been expanded with a spectacular new building. Embedded in a serene, park-like landscape, a varied public square, from which steps lead down toward the water, stretches between the existing building and new Science Dome.
We elaborated the different atmospheres of the two villa gardens. The sunny, extroverted garden captivates with its elevated terrace with a view of the lake. In the shady garden, intimate seating areas are embedded in sumptuous plantings of perennials.
The Ethnographic Museum has been given a new urban garden on top of the underground exhibition hall. Benches and lawn areas invite strolling and relaxing beneath a loosely planted grove of flowering trees.
Within the substance of the cemetery that is worth protecting, basic elements like the striking avenue have been reinforced anew; the fields of flat graves, in contrast, have been rearranged. Seating areas with cedars invite contemplation. The eastern part has been supplemented with new forms of burial.
In the course of the renovation of the nursing center, we adapted and upgraded the existing park-like garden to fulfill current requirements. A varied circular path connects the seating areas in the shade of existing or newly created groves of trees.
The city was able to save the villa, which was slated for demolition, in the 1980s. In the enchanted garden, we have reproduced various elements that had been lost. The “eye” in the reconstructed lawn-covered circular bed integrates the underground library within the site as a whole.

Other Projects