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Urban Spaces Glattpark, Opfikon

The avenue planted with umbrella-shaped species of maple forms the backbone of the new district of the town. The elongated plaza area invites people to stroll and relax. The walking and driving areas are both on the same level. The through-going, functionally designed streets in the district provide bus routes, access and deliveries, and also characterize the compacted town. Parking areas are located perpendicular to the street under the spaced rows of Robinia trees on one side. A curb separates the driving lanes from the pedestrian areas. The corridors of green form a soft, curved, grassy landscape between the buildings. They radiate a dreamy atmosphere. Weeping willows and remnants of hedges of pollarded willows structure the lawn areas and also facilitate the integration of benches, garden restaurants and private areas in front of the residential and commercial buildings.

Stadt Opfikon, Bauamt
Project Data
Study mandate 2001
Realisation since 2004 in stages
Area 7 ha

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