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Baroque Garden of the Manor House, Grafenort

he original design of the Baroque garden is documented neither by archival records nor by archaeological findings. The meadow that had run to seed was intended to appear again as a garden after the renovation of the manor house that serves as the monks’ summer residence, and will now also be given a new use as a conference centre. The walls still in existence were renovated and supplemented. The two garden levels were covered with a gravel area and inscribed lawn areas. In front of the facade, the flowerbeds pick up the geometry of the manor house. Next to the pavilion, a field of pruned yew cones forms an asymmetrical counterpoint. Pruned boxwood hedges with orbs form the end of the two terraces. The garden becomes the element that connects the house and the landscape.

Benediktinerkloster Engelberg und Fond Landschaft Schweiz
Project Data
Planning 1994
Realisation 1995
Area 1'200 m²
Project Team
Nicole Newmark

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