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sub: og-page_tit: Palais Rechberg Baroque Garden og-page_des: The garden, from 1760, at the Palais Rechberg is considered to be one of the most magnificent Baroque gardens in Zurich. Important elements have been preserved in the original and renovated. Individual contemporary flowerbeds show that our garden culture continues to be vibrant. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Palais Rechberg Baroque Garden, Zürich

The Baroque garden at the Palais Rechberg, one of the biggest and most beautiful gardens in the city of Zurich, was redesigned several times after being created around 1760. The garden was made accessible to the public with the departure of the university nursery in 1985. A park maintenance plan from 1986 identifies the original substance of the various building phases, such as walls, grassy slopes, and trees, in line with historical preservation criteria. These important elements have been given protection and carefully renovated in three stages since 1992 during ongoing normal operations. Additional structures and plantings supplement the garden based on historical models, but in a contemporary design vocabulary.

Since 1992, pears have once again grown on the espaliers, and flowers, grapevines, and sour cherries flourish in beds framed by box trees. The alternating flowers are composed anew each year with respect to color. This great horticultural effort is possible thanks to the university plant nursery. The upper terraces have been restored and an outlook pulpit has been created in place of the pavilion demolished in 1820. Trimmed linden hedges once again frame the garden as a whole. The magnificent Rechberg garden thus forms an oasis of relaxation in the center of the city and tells of both old Zurich and of changing garden fashions.

Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich
Grün Stadt Zürich
Project Data
Park maintenance plan 1986-1989
Realisation 1992-2014 in stages
Area 7'600 m²
Project Team
Nicole Newmark (Blumen)
Stefan Ineichen (Ökologie)
Christa Ebnöther (Archäologie)
Rechberggarten: Neuauflage (2008), Media
Der Rechberggarten in Zürich (2006), Media
Rechberg (1997), Media

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