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Chance Seefeld, Sarnen

Sarnen, its lake and the landscape surrounding it bring together two qualities. One is naturalness and rusticity. The picturesque canon of mountains, forests and lakes combines everything that one might expect from a primeval Swiss landscape. This natural quality is contrasted by the “cultural moment” of the way humans have made use of the landscape, the shaping and influencing of nature that finally led to urban approaches in the settlement area. The Capuchin monastery of Sarnen and the numerous churches are manifestations of a cultivated, historically developed urban culture in a rural environment. The clearest link to urban qualities probably lies in the demands made on the new park with its wide variety of uses, which range from the new indoor swimming pool to the generously sized campsite and the sports infrastructure. In the fusion of the two layers of meaning, the new park is provided with a great opportunity. Through a strategy of contrasts, the heterogeneity of the existing spatial identity can be further developed. The wealth of existing contrasts has been reorganized and consolidated to create a new identity for the park. Modified, urban and consciously natural elements come together in the park and combine to form an “urban-rural” park with striking spatial images. A new identity that derives a park landscape from the potential of contrasts between urban needs and rural longings is generated, and forms a landscape of transition. Between town and country, mountain and lake!

Gemeinde Sarnen
Project Data
Competition 2006, 1st Prize
Planning 2007
Area 2 ha
Project Team
Park Architekten, Zürich

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