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Team Berlin

Since 2012, Hager Partner AG has been represented in Berlin with a continuously growing subsidiary. National and international projects of all scales have been successfully planned and realized here.


You can find the optimal way for you to travel to our office by public transport at Stops: Kleistpark (U7), Julius-Leber-Brücke (S1), or Yorckstrasse (S1).




Hager Partner AG
Crellestraße 29-30
D-10827 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 7895280 00

Team Leader

Anna Buchwald
Team leader
Dipl. Eng. Landscape Architecture
Team leader Berlin
T +49 30 7895280-11


Gülhan Bingöl
Dr.-Ing. für Landschaftsarchitektur
T +49 30 7895280-15
Svetlana Bitsulya
Dipl.-Ing. für Architektur
T +49 30 7895280-00
Anne Czerwenka
Dipl.-Ing. für Landschaftsarchitektur
T +49 30 7895280-12
Philipp Dubrau
T +49 30 7895280-00
Fabian Fieweger
B.Sc.(FH) in Landscape Architecture
team leader comeptitions
T +49 30 7895280-14
Anne Heinrichs
Landschaftsarchitektin BDLA
T +49 30 7895280-15
Julia Kupich-Röder
Dipl. Ing. Landschaftsarchitektur FH
Anne Pahlow
B. Sc. (FH) für Landschaftsarchitektur
T +49 30 7895280-00
Anne Raussendorf
Dipl. Ing. für Landschaftsarchitektur
T +49 30 7895280-17
Bettina Steinemann
Kauffrau IHK
T +49 30 7895280-00
Stefan Vesligaj-Klose
BA (Hons) Grad Dip LA
T +49 30 7895280-00
Xiao Zhang
MSc. in Landschaftsarchitektur
T +49 30 7895280-00
Zheng Zhenting
MA für Landschaftsarchitektur
T +49 30 7895280-00
Josephine Hutton
Cand. BSc. Landschafsarchitektur