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Hager Partner - Contemporary Swiss Landscape Architecture

The fourth volume in the series 'Swiss Contemporary Landscape Architecture' focuses on climate-resilient open spaces, designed for people and their diverse needs. Along the theme "Learning from the Park", Hager Partner presents numerous projects.

Hager Partner - Contemporary Swiss Landscape Architecture
City walk on the theme of people
On the second city walk on the topic of people, social scientist Cornelia Alb led us on the last mild autumn days to Europaallee and across Negrellisteg to the roof terrace of the Zollhaus. We learned many exciting things about the mix of uses, the migration of the blue-winged sand fly to the rooftops, and about cooperative living.
Tierpark Berlin - Pachyderm House
The first award unit "Demolition of the outdoor enclosure as a preparatory measure" for the overall project has been completed. In order to enlarge the outdoor enclosure for the African elephants, individual enclosures are being brought together. The separating inner walls have already been demolished, ditches filled in and new embankments created.
Tierpark Berlin: Himalayan mountain landscape
The creation of the new Himalayan mountain landscape at Tierpark Berlin is entering its final phase. Now the more than 3500 bamboo plants up to 6 meters high are planted. Snow leopard, red panda, langurs and all other animals will get a new home in 2022.
Book vernissage HAGER PARTNER
The vernissage was great! Pascal Posset and Roderick Hönig welcome you to experience the series 'Swiss Landscape Architecture of the Present' of Edition Hochparterre in the video stream of the opening, Prof. Regine Keller asks the partners questions. The book is available in bookstores and can also be ordered at
Second Hinterrhein Bridge wins Building Award!
The project "New Construction of the Second Hinterrhein Bridge" wins two Building Awards. Once as overall winner and once for the engineering performance. Every two years since 2015, the building Award has been looking for outstanding achievements by recognized planners and up-and-coming young engineers. We congratulate the winner WaltGalmarini and all other participants!
Wir unterstützen das Bergwaldprojekt
Pascal Posset hat bei der einwöchigen Pflanzung von Schutzwald im Rahmen des von uns unterstützten Bergwaldprojektes teilgenommen. Bei Disentis/Mustér wurden im Rahmen der Pflanzungen für den dortigen Schutzwald zur Minderung der Lawinengefahr 800 Bäume gepflanzt. Im Rahmen der laufenden Kompensation unseres CO2-Verbrauches konnten wir damit einen konkreten Beitrag leisten.

Current Projects